Kindness Covers Founder

Meet Isabella Novak

Hello I am Isabella Novak, Founder of Kindness Covers. Some fun facts about me are I am extremely obsessed with hedgehogs although I am not allowed to have one. I have two dogs, Riley and Cricket and three cats, Layla, Sofie, and Po. I also have hopes and dreams of becoming a Veterinarian when I grow up. 

For anyone who is wondering Kindness Covers was all inspired by my amazing Aunt Jocy. The idea started when my Aunt made me a blanket for my 10th birthday and then I though it would be awesome to start creating blankets and donating them to people in need. 

My biggest supporter is definitely my Mother. None of my donations and success wouldn't have happened if she wasn't so amazing and if she didn't have so many awesome best friends. My mom is so supportive and lovable and I couldn't ask for any other person better than my mom to be behind me and Kindness Covers.

I am extremely thankful for everything that has happened to me and I will continue to be very thankful for any more successes to come.